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Free Weekend Fly Tying Sessions!


Saturdays at the shop ...

Shannon’s is offering free Saturday fly tying sessions from November through March for beginning tiers. Eric Hildebrant will be teaching the weekly introductory class. Materials will be provided at no charge for the Saturday sessions, and the shop will have a limited supply of vises and tools available for the use of tiers needing some or all of the basic equipment. Sponsored by Dan Bailey's!






Sundays at the shop...

Shannon’s Sunday tying sessions are held from November through the end of March. The Sunday sessions are intended for intermediate tiers already familiar with the basic tools and techniques. Please note that there is no Sunday tying session on the first Sunday of each month.


As always, we offer two sessions on Sunday at 9:30 am and 11:30 am. and we have many notable guest tiers including John Collins, Matt Grobert, Tim Flagler and Shannon's own Len Ruggia. 



Fly Tying Videos

Click on any of the below links to go to a handy list of links to Tightline Productions videos! 



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