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It's Time For Caddis

Spring so far has been a little fickle. Conditions have been cooler and wetter than normal but there have been so nice surprises. Perhaps the biggest is the return of some nice Hendrickson, Ephemerella subvaria hatches along with strong numbers of Blue Quills, Baetis tricaudatus and Paraleptophlebia adoptiva. With higher than average flows and cooler water temps in the mid forties, the fish haven't always been on them but they are now. Expect the Hendrickson hatches to dwindle but the fish will feed deliberately on them both during the initial hatch in the afternoon and especially on the spinners at dusk. This has been true of the Quill Gordons as well. Caddis have been very abundant this sp

More Good Action on the South Branch 4/21/2018

Anglers reported more strong catches on the South Branch today. Hendrickson hatches were a factor in late afternoon fishing in places. With the Hendricksons it is important to have Light Hendricksons to imitate the females and Red Quills to match the males. Trout can be picky. Across our region from the South Branch to Brodhead Creek in PA hatches have been strong, the water temps are a little cool to generate consistent surface action. Fishing this evening, I was able to score for the first time in 2018 with some consistency on a Grannom Caddis dry #16. Egg patterns always catch Rainbows so that has been a strong choice. For the naturals caddis pupae and caddis larva patterns from size 14-1

Hendricksons are here!

We just launched the new site and now its time for some news. Hendricksons are on the water with good hatches being reported on the South Branch, Pequest and Musky. Just in time for our Fly Fishing School this Saturday April 21st. We have only a few spots left. According to John Collins: early in the hatch cycle, the trout may concentrate on nymphs and emergers only to feed on the surface after the primary hatch is over but they will get keyed in on the full hatch activity quickly. Shannon's has the whole hatch covered with flies tied by John, Bob Atticks and John Kavanaugh, all well known New Jersey tyers. Blue Quills and Grannom Caddis have also been hatching in good numbers. Shannon's gu

It's a new season and we have a new look!

We hope you enjoy our new look and we will be adding content as we progress through the season. Spring is really trying to get going here in New Jersey but winter isn't finished with us just yet. We are expecting some snow at least one more time this week. Still, Opening Day of the 2018 Trout Season begins later this week, Saturday April 7th at 8am. All state stocked water bodies are closed until the opener with the exception of Trout Conservation Areas (TCA's) such as Point Mountain on the Musky, Ken Lockwood Gorge on the South Branch, Flatbrook TCA and the Pequest TCA are open to catch and release fishing with artificials only. Remember new regulations are also in effect. Check the new 20

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