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Memorial Day Sulphurs and Hatch Update

2018 has been a bounce back year for mayfly and caddis hatches in our area. This includes major New Jersey streams such as the South Branch and the Musky but also the Brodhead in PA among others. Hatches have been very good, problem had been that the water, for the first time in about five years was running high. Dry fly action wasn't off the charts early as a result but nymphing was fantastic. Now, dry fly fishing is rounding into shape as we leave May and enter June, traditionally the best dry fly month of the year on many streams. Several factors are contributing to this assessment. First, we have water. Flows are at or above average on every major stream in the region with enough mainten

Memorial Day Fly Fishing

After a series of dry years, we're finally enjoying strong flows this spring. March brought five snow storms and the accompanying cold delayed the hatches by about two weeks. Sulphurs are pouring out of area rivers both the large, size 12 -14 Ephemerella invaria and the smaller, size 16-18 Ephemerella dorothea are hatching in earnest. Action typically begins by 7pm and gets better towards dusk and beyond. It is not unusual to have Invaria duns and spinners on the water as the Dorotheas start to hatch. A handful of Emergers and Dries in the sizes mentioned are all that is required. Early morning anglers may find remnant Sulphur Spinners on the water as well. During the day, look for caddis an

While we wait for Sulphurs, Caddis continue.

All the signs are there for a solid Sulphur hatch this year. Plenty of nymphs are showing up in stream samples and a few have even begun to hatch on area rivers. Still, when this hatch comes off and it will, it is a major hatch, likely the most prolific hatch of the year. So it is widely anticipated. Two species of mayfly comprise the Sulphur Hatch, the first is the Ephemerella invaria, known as the Dark Hendrickson and the second is the Ephemerella dorothea or Pale Evening Dun. Since both are yellow in color, it is hard to understand why some of the older angling literature listed E. invaria as the "Dark Hendrickson". The Invaria is the larger of the two, usually a size 12-14 and will usua

Califon Spring Trout Fest 2018

Happy Cinco De Mayo! It's time for Califon Spring Trout Fest 2018. Vern Mancini, owner of the Musky Hatchery stopped by the shop and with a crew of hopeful anglers we set off to Califon Island Park to stock about 430 trout. Rainbows, Browns, Tigers and Golden Trout were stocked averaging between 12 and 21 inches. The Kid's Derby runs from 8am until 12 noon. Following the Kid's Derby will be a One Fly Contest from 11am until 2pm. For those who want to fish theOne Fly, Shannon's has pre-loaded cups of our favorite flies available for sale. Registration for both events is free and can be done either at the dock on Raritan River Road or in Califon Island Park. There will be prizes for both event

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