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Summer Heat Wave

It's been really a beautiful month all things considered. Conditions were excellent for much of the month of June. Hatches were respectable, the Sulphur hatch held over from May. Caddis and the Light Cahills and Isonychia hatched in decent numbers. River levels were much improved over the last couple of years. Now, as we head into July, the first prolonged heat of the season will arrive. It looks like several 90 degree days coming up. When the water reaches 70 degrees it becomes unhealthy for the trout to be caught and released. They need lots of oxygen which depletes as temps rise. The fish should be fine as long as we leave them alone under these conditions. So you still want to fish? The

A Cool June Evening...Isonychia (Slate Drakes) & Light Cahills

There was a crispness in the air tonight that was irresistible. David Polansky is one heck of a fly fisherman and collector of both current and vintage tackle. We've been casting some beautiful fiberglass rods that he would bring by the shop and tonight he and his friend Eric had a trip with Tim Flagler. I wanted to say hello but stay out of the way. I was dry fly or die tonight and that was enough. Light Cahills and Isonychia were once again on the menu. My advice to people lately has been if you don't see any activity wait another ten minutes. This is some really nice action on the water and the weather is going to warm up by next weekend.

Summer Trout

Welcome to summer! So far this season we've seen a return to normal flows and temperatures. Yes, the water warms in summer but that doesn't mean and end to trout fishing. What it does mean is that it is time to pay attention to conditions. The abundant rains especially in April meant that anglers often didn't fish on stocking days. This means that there are still quite a few stocked fish available and the wild Trout - Rainbows, Browns and Brookies are enjoying the higher flows to keep on feeding. So if water isn't an issue this year, then where are we with water temperatures? This is a key since the lower the water temp the higher the water's ability to hold dissolved oxygen which is critica

Father's Day Weekend 2018

Another school year has come and gone and with grades handed in and my classroom put into mothballs for a couple of months, I headed to the stream with one of my oldest friends and fishing companions, Bruce Frigeri. We've been fishing together for I can't remember how long - I went to his wedding and watched his kids grow up. Both of his boys Ben and Alex are at TCNJ which means mission accomplished for parents. We have been prospecting different areas along the river and have been pleased by the numbers of bugs and trout available. Tonight we saw a few Sulphurs and more Light Cahill spinners and duns along with some beautiful Isonychia, one of my favorite mayflies. We both noticed that the

Into the Wild.....

This winter, new regulations went into effect courtesy of the NJ Fish and Game Council and the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife. Brook Trout would no longer be stocked north of Rt 202 and west of Rt 287. Wild trout streams would be reclassified to be managed by species; Brook Trout streams and Wild Brown Trout Enhancement streams were the new classifications; Wild Trout Stream regulations in areas which also support wild Rainbow Trout. I love wild trout and the native Brook Trout is my favorite. The last several years of low water and warm summers are making it tough on the Brookies so they are getting some help. If you catch a Brownie on the South Branch less than 12 inches, it has

Do you wanna dance?

Plenty of spinners on the water tonight. There were some duns too. After a busy day wrapping up at school and later at the shop, I was ready just to catch one fish. More would've been welcome but it wasn't necessary after this 20" Bow found my Sulphur in the dark. The fish put up a valiant fight, jumps and screaming runs with some sudden turns in direction at times. I could have lost this fish several times. It was as if it was saying, you'll only need one dance tonight. Fortunately, my gear a Scott G 8'4" 4wt series rod and a Bauer reel were perfectly matched for the task. And yes thankfully, my double surgeon's knot held. Phew... losing this one would've stung a little. -JH

It's Really June?

Looking at the stream gauges it's hard to believe that we are into June. Also, temperatures have been excellent. To have water and temps into June is something to enjoy. Combine that with the fact that early high water spread out the fish after stocking makes for some excellent fishing on area streams and rivers right now. Look for Spotted Sedge and Green Sedge caddis and BWO's to hatch in the morning. You may also see the occasional Isonychia as well. Fish nymphs early and then add an emerger such as a RS2 #16-20 or LaFontaine's Sparkle Pupa #16-18 as a trailer after 9am. In the late afternoon, egg laying caddis followed by Isonychia and Grey Foxes will be on the water. If you see what look

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