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July Rain!

This has been a bounce back year for our rivers and our trout. The main difference is water. Normally, rivers are low and warm at this time of year. Currently, we are in an unusual weather pattern that is bringing us plenty of water; not too much like our neighbors in eastern PA but good water. I saw a window for fishing last week and as John Collins and I waited for darkness to try our hand at streamer fishing, there were good numbers of both Light Cahills as well as Yellow Drakes on the water. Tricos and Summer Blue Quills will be on the water in the early morning along with numbers of Tan Caddis and smaller Cream Micro Caddis. Don't be surprised to hear of some good fishing later this wee

Picking your spots.

Summer can be a tough time for trout. The water warms from long, sunny days and the regular weather systems are replaced by hit or miss thunderstorms. When water temperatures reach 70 degrees, it really becomes tough on the fish and 68 degrees is my cut-off. Why does this all happen? July days are long, the Summer Solstice just passed on June 21st so there is lots of daylight. Also, humidity builds in the summer and this can make it harder for streams to cool off at night. If a stream is likely going to be over 68 degrees for most of a 24 hour cycle it is time to give the trout a rest. Still, there is action in the summer and if conditions allow, anglers can enjoy some nice action. Mornings

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