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August Trout

We've been waiting for some cooler weather to see how the trout were doing. Turns out, with all of the rain we've had they were just fine. The Isonychia Parachute is one of my favorite searching pattern and this 20+" Rainbow obliged with an exciting jump and some strong runs before sliding into the net. Note the coloration and the fins- pretty fish. We should have more trout weather than not going forward. We have a nice window through Sunday morning and then later next week the heat will hopefully break for good.

Trout Fishing in New Jersey: Yes, the light is green!

We've been stuck in a hot and humid pattern for most of the summer. The down side to this has been a voluntary curtailment of most trout fishing in our area. When practicing "catch and release fishing" for trout, the water needs to be below 70 degrees or better 68 degrees to insure optimal survival of the fish we intend to release. This is not uncommon in New Jersey. The Summer of 2018 has been unusually wet, nearly record setting. So while most of us have yet to fly fish for trout through most of July and August, the rivers are running high. That means much lower natural mortality due to predators for the trout. Even better news follows: It is finally going to be cooler, in fact much cooler

A nice wet start to August.

Last year and for the last several years we had low water conditions. As I am writing this, the South Branch is running at a robust 259 cfs (cubic feet per second). That's fantastic! Normally, I would be happy if the river was running at 50 cfs in August. What does this all mean? Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves too much. In the short term through Wednesday August 8th, the water is likely to above normal but still warm to safely fish and release trout. That doesn't mean the trout aren't there but to fish for them isn't a great idea. Warm water species including some of my favorite action of the season for Largemouth Bass and large Bluegills is my alternative. And you don't need giant

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