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Water Temperature and Flow: The Stars Align.

The summer of 2018 is officially over. It was certainly a wet summer and for that I am thankful because last year we were looking at historic low flows. The higher water helped to preserve aquatic life in our rivers and streams; both trout and aquatic insects benefited from the enhanced flows. While we had high water southerly winds made the summer hot and humid and the water was mostly too hot to safely fish for trout from the first week of July through most of the summer and into the first half of September. It appears that our weather is moving towards a cooling trend. The last couple of nights saw evening lows in the upper forties to low fifties. That is having a positive effect on our t

September Fishing

Stream conditions for this time of year are shaping up quite favorably with better than average flows. Water temps are beginning to cool down and it does look like consistent fishing is nearly here. It has been a little frustrating at times this summer. We've had great water levels but temps remained too high to safely fish consistently. There were some windows where everything came together but September with its shorter days and longer nights should see more favorable and consistent conditions especially in the second half of the month. When we do begin to able to spend time on the water, nature hasn't been idle. Lots of small forage fish are abundant this time of year; Dace, Darters, Scul

Early September Fly Fishing

Since early July weather in our area has been hot and humid with above average rainfall. We're in a window of pleasant weather this Labor Day weekend but it looks like it will be back in the heat starting Monday afternoon. So how are the trout doing? So far, thanks to many of us leaving them alone, the trout are fine. There were nice catches in the Gorge today and that will likely continue for the rest of the weekend. The flows are the big story. After four years of low water, levels are excellent and there is rain in the forecast again. Looks like after we get through much of the coming week's heat, there will be a more sustained cool down as far as weather goes. So pick your spots and reme

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