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Looking Back & Forward 2018 Part Two

People took some time this week to enjoy our holiday Bubba Stocking and it was nice to see some new faces mixed with the familiar characters that make Shannon's what it is. Water has been high and that is the story for much of the year especially since July. Midges like the standard Zebra Midge or some of the shop's creations such as Lenny's Hot Bead Midge have been solid producers when trailed behind a heavier weighted nymph. Dave McKenna who is still affiliated with Douglas Outdoors is launching his own fly company called Guide Flies. He's tying some really beautiful and productive flies and he will our featured tyer this Sunday, December 30th. Classes start at 9:30 am. Wayne Sadowski did

Looking Back And Forward: 2018

Tim Flagler of Tightline Video will be our featured tyer this Sunday December 23rd. Class begins at 9:30 am. Len Ruggia will continue his Beginner Class on Saturday morning at 9:30am. Every December I find myself entering the month just trying to stay ahead. Planning our Bubba Contest which is underway and lining up our great roster of tyers with Shannon's Co-Owner, George Cassa is what it means to get the shop ready for the holidays. It is a frenzy of planning but there soon comes a time when the decisions have been made and we just have to wait and see what will happen. As always, weather plays an important and often decisive role. As I am writing this, the rain is coming down again with 2

Bubba is back!

Well, it is officially now the holiday season at Shannon's as Bubba has once again made an appearance in Califon. Two large tagged trout, one Brown and One Rainbow are now officially at large along with several hundred other trout including an impressive number of larger Brown, Rainbow and Tiger Trout. The fish are part of our annual program and come from the Musky Hatchery in Asbury, New Jersey courtesy of Vern and Jeff Mancini. This is a catch and release contest to secure a Douglas rod or a Galvan reel. The tagged trout must be caught and released. A photo of the fish and its release along with the detached jaw tag are required to verify the catch. Don't take these fish out of the water!

Finally, Water Levels Are Coming Down!

The weather this past month has been difficult to say the least. I would be more pessimistic if my Giants hadn't shown me at least some signs of life! It has been a waiting game. We've kept ourselves busy at the shop tying flies and getting ready for the holidays. Our Fly Tying Program has started. Len Ruggia is teaching the Introductory Class on Saturday mornings starting at 9:30 am. Beginners just need to show up; the classes are free and we have some kits they can use for the class. Of course, we have a variety of quality but affordable vises for sale if fly tying is for you. Sunday morning, tying will return this week December 9th with John Collins presenting a program on Cased Caddis an

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