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Signs of Spring

Day by day and sometimes only slowly, I am seeing signs of spring. The robins are back and I looked to see snowdrops poking their way out of the ground, their delicate blue flowers promising better days ahead. Shannon's Guide and Tyer Extraordinaire, John Collins posted the first photos of Baetis tricaudatus, Early Iron Blue Quills on his Garage Visitors page which can be found on Facebook and Instagram. It is March and March is a fickle month here in New Jersey. Early Black and Early Brown Stoneflies continue to hatch sporadically but in good numbers on area streams. I will post the first hatch list next week. Trout Conservation Areas such as Point Mountain and Ken Lockwood were stocked thi

Moving Towards Spring

Today's 70 degree temperatures had many of us thinking about spring, now just a few days away. Our spring deliveries continue to arrive. This past weekend, we welcomed back Daylight Savings Time. Thus armed with all of these favorable portents, I decided to try my luck on my first fish of March. Instead I was greeted by one of our newest friends Shannon Somerville, cautioning me about lightning and rumbles of thunder. I soon realized he was correct and that the portents that I had hoped would lead me to that elusive March trout instead had me executing a strategic retreat. One thing is certain, spring is almost here. This Sunday night March 17th at midnight, lakes, ponds, rivers and streams

A Change is in the air

The winter weather has been stubbornly persistent but it seems we may finally be getting a much deserved change in conditions. The forecast is for a return to more normal temperatures this weekend with a bit of rain or wet snow overnight Saturday into Sunday morning. Another positive development is that for the first time since October of last year, we will have perfect conditions not only on the South Branch but also on the Musky and the Pequest as well. The fish are in very good shape and I expect anglers will be out giving them a try. There are plenty of Rainbows left over from the fall stockings and many of these fish are in the 15-18" class. Stoneflies are hatching more regularly now as

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