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The Caddis Are Coming!

Happy Easter and Passover! We will be open Easter Sunday from 9am until 1pm. April is certainly living up to its reputation of being a bit on the rainy side but spring is definitely blooming. Every day is just a little greener and that is indeed a welcome sight. Hendrickson and Grannom hatches dominated the action especially the Hendricksons earlier in the week. Grannom Caddis hatches are building with an excellent hatch on the Musky last weekend. I expect to see some of this action continuing this week and there still should be some Hendrickson and even a few Quill Gordon spinners on the water at dusk. I expect that we are going to move into what John Collins and I call the "Tweener Time"

April Showers.....

New Jersey Trout Season officially kicked off last weekend and it is off to a pretty fast start. March held on stubbornly to its cold grumpy self but April is here and that lingering chill seems like a distant memory. The biggest news of this week has been the return of the Hendrickson hatch. It hasn't been a blizzard in too many areas but the mayflies are coming off every afternoon with regularity and most importantly, the trout are feeding on them. Tagging along have been Blue Quills, Quill Gordons and Baetis. The other great April hatch is about to really get underway and that is the Grannom Caddis. Local rivers host abundant hatches and they positively infest the Musconetcong or simply "

2019 Trout Season Opens

March was a long month. It came in like a lion and pretty much went out the same way. There were no catastrophic storms but the weather was cold and the wind was bitter. April began in a much kinder fashion.While TCA's (Trout Conservation Areas) were stocked shortly after the March 17th Closure and Wild Trout Streams remained open, area rivers, streams, ponds and lakes were restocked with approximately 184,000 Rainbow Trout ranging in size from 10-23 inches in length and weighing up to seven pounds. A total of 570,000 Rainbows will be stocked during the Spring Trout Season. Although the early season is known for its crowds and the success of conventional tackle, fly anglers also scored some

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