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A Little More on Sparse Grey....

Sometimes I hit the publish button and I realize I should have included something. In this case it is a video from a few years ago done by the incomparable Tim Flagler. Stop by the event and the shop and see some old friends or make some new ones. We have some nice new gear including vises from Peak, Regal and Renzetti, hackle from Whiting Farms and rods from Winston including the new Alpha+ fast action rods and cool nymphing rods from Cortland. I'm liking the green Galvans and the orange ones too. Here's Tim's video:

Sparse Grey Matter and Shannon's Hot Stove Fly Sessions

We're really looking forward to our annual Sparse Grey Matter Fly Tying Event this Sunday February 23rd at the Califon Firehouse in Califon located just up Main Street from Shannon's. Tyers from around the area look forward to this event to reconnect and demonstrate their fly tying skills and maybe pick up a trick or two. The event is free and open to the public. Trout Unlimited chapters from around the state will be on hand and we encourage tyers to participate. The Califon Fire Company will be on hand serving a variety of food and beverages for hungry and thirsty participants. Set up begins at 9am. The weather looks favorable for weekend fishing. Trout have been mostly on the bottom the la

Ease into February

The stretch of mild weather is continuing and area rivers rose only moderately from the late week storm that brought a mix of wind, rain and cold snow. Water temperatures continue in the low forties which is well within the range of the trout's metabolism. This weather appears likely to hold for the next ten days or so. There will be a few cooler days in the thirties but perhaps a chance of a day or two in the fifty degree range as well. It has been a few years since we've had such decent conditions for winter trout fishing. A few Early Black Stoneflies have begun to emerge. They will continue to appear sporadically over the coming weeks, with the strongest emergence usually in March. Meanwh

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