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Shop Update and River News

As we all know, New Jersey is being affected by the COVID-19 virus. More cases are cropping up everyday. To stem the spread of the virus this past weekend, all non-essential businesses were asked to close effective at 9pm Saturday evening. I understand the need for a closure but don't like being called non-essential. How many of us are better people for being able to stand out in the river waving a stick to quote John Gierach? Quite a few I'd wager. Isn't the grumpy old fly fisherman the poster child for social distancing? This is a fishing report, I'm not going into a rant and I do believe the threat of COVID-19 is real. So what can you and those of here at Shannon's do? 1) Definitely get o

COVID -19 & Shannon's

Today Gov. Phil Murphy announced the latest steps to combat the spread of COVID-19 or Corona virus in New Jersey. Among the steps was a state order to close all "non-essential" businesses to walk in traffic effective 9pm this evening. It wasn't unexpected, our neighboring states had already issued such an order. So what does this mean for all of us here? The walk in part of our business is unavailable during the crisis, however "online sales" are still permitted. What that means to us is that customers can still order items, get advice and ask which size Zebra Midge or hot nymph is working in the Ken Lockwood Gorge. We appreciate our customers, you are the reason we can do all of the great t

St Patrick's Day Greetings & News

First of all Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you and I hope that everyone is healthy and safe. The COVID-19 virus outbreak has the world turned upside down. I can report that we are fine over here at the shop and plan to be open. We aren't open late and never have fifty people in the shop. People need to have something to do if at all possible. State and county parks are to remain open during the crisis and the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife have begun to stock early. Trout Conservation Areas have been or are being stocked along with some sections of major trout rivers including the Pequest, South Branch of the Raritan and the Musconetcong. The Pequest TCA and the Ken Lockwood Gorge TCA

It's March & 2020 Events Preview

This past weekend, the clocks jumped forward giving us extra daylight in the evening. It is possible to fish after work once again! Normally weather in winter offers us some windows to fish with enough snow and ice to want to head south. This year, the mild weather has persisted more or less since December. Rivers and streams are experiencing near optimal flows and temperatures have averaged around forty degrees. Recent stream seining has revealed good numbers of stone flies mostly of the Early Black and Early Brown variety, Baetis nymphs, Scuds and a decent number of forage fish such as darters and dace. I missed two trout this evening on a small #18 Adams Parachute a favorite pattern nearl

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