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October Trout

Major trout streams were stocked this week with over 27,000 two and three year old Rainbow Trout being liberated in the larger streams of northern and western New Jersey including Trout Conservation areas or (TCA's). These are quality fish too, averaging 14-16" in length. Better yet, 1000 of these fish are surplus three year old brood stock fish averaging between 18-21 inches in length. Water levels are low, as is so often the case in October, but we are expecting rain for Sunday night and Monday. That is welcome news as it should spread the fish out a bit. October is also a good month for hatches of small caddis and mayflies; the Little Dot-Wing Sedge and Baetis (BWO's) have begun to appear

October Opportunities

As we move into October, anglers find themselves with many choices here in our area. Baitfish should begin their exit from bays and estuaries triggering game fish such as Striped Bass, Blues and Albacore to follow them. Hopefully, am inshore run will set up. Up in New York State, the Great Lakes tributaries such as the Salmon River will see continued runs of King and Coho Salmon in the first part of the month followed by increasing numbers of Steelhead and Brown Trout as we move towards Halloween. In this strange and difficult year it has been most encouraging to see new anglers on the water. Fly fishing is really a perfect "Social Distancing" activity. We are really pleased to announce our

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