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A Change is in the air

The winter weather has been stubbornly persistent but it seems we may finally be getting a much deserved change in conditions. The forecast is for a return to more normal temperatures this weekend with a bit of rain or wet snow overnight Saturday into Sunday morning. Another positive development is that for the first time since October of last year, we will have perfect conditions not only on the South Branch but also on the Musky and the Pequest as well. The fish are in very good shape and I expect anglers will be out giving them a try. There are plenty of Rainbows left over from the fall stockings and many of these fish are in the 15-18" class. Stoneflies are hatching more regularly now as well and the fish are feeding on them based on stomach samples. Midges, Eggs and streamers continue to produce but don't be afraid to trail either a Grey RS2, Black Soft Hackle or WD40 as a trailing fly. All have seen success this past week to ten days.

We've been searching for a replacement hook for the now unavailable Dai Rikki hooks we've carried for years and it seems that Umpqua fits the bill. The hooks are excellent, come in 50 packs and are reasonably priced from $6.95. We are really looking forward to offering our customers a number of products from this great company and we believe they will compliment our other lines as well. We've also received our shipment of Bauer, Ross and Abel reels this week including the new Ross Animas along with some beautiful Winston and Scott fly rods.