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June High Water Streamers

Today was a day I'd been looking forward to for some time. As a teacher, we too look forward to the last day of school. It had been a busy and productive time, my students are talented and it's my vocation but I was ready for a break. I had day dreams as I cleaned up my classroom of abundant hatches and either native Brookies splashing around me or maybe a submarine Brownie or big Rainbow sipping a big Iso Parachute or Yellow Drake. Instead, I was greeted by yet another rainy day, the story of our spring and rising dirty water.

After closing the shop still a bit crest fallen by the prospect of more rain, I pondered what to do. An early dinner and a little rest? No, I decided. There had been too many days this spring when I hadn't fished because of high water. I was going to meet it head on. Truth be told the water on the South Branch was only a little over 200 cfs so I wasn't heading on to the Niagara or anything. I ran into Tim Flagler, he had a guide trip and they were doing well on Mop flies, Timmy's unique contribution to the world of mop, the Mop & Glo. We laughed when I told him that Len Ruggia, our Head Guide tied another 50 of them today and that they wouldn't last the weekend.