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June Trout High and Low

I've spent the last couple of evenings roaming the South Branch as I am fond of doing looking for rising fish. Of course Friday night was probably the best night with falling water and low humidity but I didn't do much fishing. Rather, I saw folks catching fish in a few places and despite the conditions, I decided to leave them to it. Frankly given the high water this spring, conditions for dry fly fishing haven't always been ideal. The subsurface action has been much more consistent across our region, including the rivers in western New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. Tthe action has been hot for the nymphing and streamer crowd.

I ran into Tim Flagler tonight of Tightline Productions on the water. As many of you know he is a master of the fly fishing and fly tying video. I don't think anyone in the last ten years has done more for bringing people into fly tying than Tim with his amazing videos. Tonight he was working on his Euro-nymphing and he was catching his share of fish including a beautiful 8" native Brookie. He let me try his new Douglas 11' 4wt Sky rod and I understood immediately why it is such a successful way to catch trout. The rod tracked the leader very effectively and the flies really do get down in a hurry, a fact helped by their tungsten beads. I, of course missed a couple of takes but it was enlightening and a method I will explore more as the year wears on.