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NJ July Fly Fishing

As we move into July, it's really starting to feel like summer here in New Jersey and I look forward to certain fixtures of the season. I've noticed that the tiger lilies are finally starting to bloom after a very wet spring which certainly has the mosquitoes celebrating in certain areas. Hot dogs and burgers taste that much better off the grill and so do fresh fruits and vegetables! I'm beginning to eye up my bass and panfish poppers and I am certainly going to try to catch a channel catfish or maybe a carp on the fly at some point.

Having said all of that is NJ trout season over? The short answer is no, not this year. Many of our customers are getting ready to head west to Montana but our rivers and streams are full and so are the spring seeps that provide additional cooling flows. Still, trout fishing in summer does take a little adjusting. First, pay attention to the weather. I try to avoid catch and release fly fishing for trout when the water gets over 70 degrees for a significant part of the day as the warmer water typically holds less dissolved oxygen which is vital for the trout's respiration. I'll fish early in the morning and again at dusk. Most of the time that means fishing from sunrise to about 10 am and then again after 7pm. Carry a stream thermometer and take the temperature by inserting the thermometer underwater in an area of good flow. To get a reliable reading, hold the thermometer under the water for several minutes.