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A Look at December...Tying and Bubba

Happy Holidays! We have plenty of gifts for that special angler and gift certificates are available. Matt Grobert will be our featured tyer this Sunday at 9:30 am and John Collins will return next Sunday December 22nd. Bubba Watch has begun........

Fly fishing in December may seem strange to some but for others it is the start of a much anticipated time of year on our local waters. Yes there is the weather. December is the first month where winter is official. The snow is blanketing the trees and the ground but last night's snow was really just a dusting and the trout don't mind the cold. It is important to keep warm but sensible layering does a great job on a cold day. I prefer to fish when the temps are above freezing, the guides don't ice up but if they do, a coating of fly floatant can help to minimize guides freezing. I'll wear a base layer and some wool socks along with at least one warm shirt or a sweater. I don't wade too deeply either unless I have to cross the river in an appropriate location.

Why am I out