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Shop Update and River News

As we all know, New Jersey is being affected by the COVID-19 virus. More cases are cropping up everyday. To stem the spread of the virus this past weekend, all non-essential businesses were asked to close effective at 9pm Saturday evening. I understand the need for a closure but don't like being called non-essential. How many of us are better people for being able to stand out in the river waving a stick to quote John Gierach? Quite a few I'd wager. Isn't the grumpy old fly fisherman the poster child for social distancing? This is a fishing report, I'm not going into a rant and I do believe the threat of COVID-19 is real. So what can you and those of here at Shannon's do?

1) Definitely get out and fish. The State of New Jersey is encouraging people to exercise in the outdoors. General regulation waters are closed for stocking until Opening Day Saturday April 11thTrout at 8am. But trout conservation areas or TCA's such as the Ken Lockwood Gorge (stocked last week), Point Mountain TCA on the Musky (stocked today) and the Pequest TCA (stocked all the time because it's next to the hatchery) are open. So is the Flatbrook TCA, the Toms River TCA and all wild trout streams to catch and release fishing no bait - in some areas like the KLG with the barbs pinched down. Fishing in the KLG and the Pequest has been outstanding - just the thing to take one's mind off of the other news of the day.