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Mayflies are here...

We continue to be open for phone and email orders which can be picked up curbside or mailed. Thank you for your support.

This week the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife will stocking the last trout of the spring with an additional 48,000 Rainbow trout slated to be released. Due to concerns of crowding, there will be no usual or published schedule. The early catch and release season seemed to be a big hit so that may continue in the future. With so many group activities such as youth sports being cancelled it has been nice to see so many families fishing. We will be open for curbside pickup everyday including Memorial Day. Please just phone orders in as we can't allow anyone inside the store.

It has been an interesting spring with a mild March, a cold, wet April and the first part of May leading us to the last week or so of fine weather. Caddis have really been carrying much of the action for the last month or so. The Grannoms appeared in April and in early May, the Spotted Sedge (Tan Caddis) began to hatch in good numbers. These caddis will be on the water in one form or another well into October. They will hatch in the mid to late morning into early