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Welcome to August

July can be summed up in one word - hot. While there were some nice warm water opportunities for fly fishing in our area, most of the trout action was on Catskill tail waters as well as on some PA spring creeks early in the morning. There were reports of Tricos on some area waters but on others they were absent. After a busy spring, trout fishing quickly went into summer mode. The Ken Lockwood Gorge was even closed down for two weeks during July due to rolling furloughs in our state government as a result of funding challenges associated with the continuing Covid-19 outbreak. With water temps over 70 degrees nearly every day this was actually a blessing for the trout.

It does look like our area is going to receive some rain via another tropical system early this upcoming week and temperatures should begin to moderate as well. Will it be enough to get the trout moving and will water temperatures be safe enough to fish are both open questions. I can say that the trout are surviving and I want to thank anglers for having the good sense to leave them alone in the heat. The trout are your resource and by leaving them alone you, the anglers, are exercising an enlightened self interest. The trout fishing will come back but we need some cool nights and significant rains first.

Meanwhile, what are some options? We've had good reports on river smallmouth action in both the Delaware and the branches of the Raritan system both in numbers and occasionally some larger 3-4 pound smallies have been caught. Schoolie stripers are available in the Delaware and hybrid stripers are available in Spruce Run Reservoir. Largemouth Bass and panfish have been providing solid action in area ponds and we've enjoyed suc