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September Cool Down

After a long and hot summer, the weather forecast we have over the next seven days is a welcome change. Water levels are decent for this time of year but most importantly, the temps are finally going to drop and remain consistently below 70 degrees. Cool nights are forecast with lows in the low to mid fifties, this should keep daytime water temps in the mid to upper sixties. That's good, for these are the days of catching wary, holdover trout that should keep us entertained until the fall stocking in October.

Catskill and Pocono streams are just waking up from the warm, sultry summer and with the cooler weather just now developing, I would like to be optimistic about the New Jersey fly fishing forecast. Hatches of mayflies will occur this month reminiscent of June; Isonychia and Light Cahills return in decent numbers in September. There will be caddis too, but the heaviest hatches will occur in October. My experience has been that trout will feed deliberately, they are looking up. When you throw some ants and hoppers into the mix, you have the makings of some fine dry fly fishing. Trout will also chase streamers but remember the water is often low and clear so a little stealth goes a long way.