Level and Temp


"You should'a been here next week." Stock up on Fall patterns.A cool down is coming! Flows are trending down again  !. The October stocking is just around the corner.  

What's Hatching

Sporadic ISO throughout the day. Light Cahills in the evening.  Wait for cool spells and watch temps.

41  cfs     

What's Hatching
Scuds, Midges, Blk Stoneflies 

Musconetcong River

67  cfs          

The Musky: the flow is low  ,still too warm to safely catch and release trout in the afternoon, but a cool down is on the way! 

Flatbrook River

116  cfs

13 cfs                           55 degrees


Temps are getting better,flow is still low!

Pequest River

33  cfs              

Pequest conditions are good. TCA below hatchery likely cooler Fishes best below 300 cfs.

Level and Temp

10  cfs            

What's Hatching

Midges, baetis, caddis

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